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Fire Resistant Insulation Complements Safety Systems November 26, 2007

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It’s all too easy for an accidental spark to start a blaze. And we all know weather can conspire to prolong and expand the flames. However, using Apex’s foam insulation with a fire protection system offers defense against smaller blazes, and as easy as spraying in insulation.

As part of a fire protection system, Apex insulation means you don’t have to worry about air pockets in the foam where combustibles create fire hazards. You also don’t have to fear flames getting into unfilled pockets to either burn the structure beneath or become hotbeds should a fire occur. Additionally, Apex’s insulation keeps air out, preventing more air from contributing to dangerous backdrafts.

One of the best fire safety features about Apex’s spray in foams is that the material itself doesn’t burn. Even if flames somehow get into the insulation, it doesn’t catch fire. Regardless of exposure time, the flames never fully take hold. Considering fire damage costs, charring is a more affordable trade off.

Other products haven’t outlasted Apex Foam’s fire resistant insulation in fire tests. Clearly, using Apex Foam as part of your fire protection is one of the most effective ways of protecting your building. The benefits are clear from the tests. Apex’s foam systems for fire protection are a smart and efficient choice for any structure.

Fire hazards are a concern for any building owner. Creating fire safe structures is always a primary consideration. Visit Apex Foam Industries to see how their products can serve your needs.



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