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We are on a mission to help bring spray-foam insulation mainstream. It wasn’t long ago that people used rollers and brushes to put on paint ūüôā don’t you know..

We would love to help connect you with someone in your area who can help evaluate the use of foam insulation spray in your application.

Whether you’re a contractor trying to decide which type of foam is best, or a home/business owner looking for someone to help save you money on utilities email us and we’ll be happy to help: foaminsulationspray@gmail.com

Or call us: (877) 486-FOAM (486-3626)



1. Foam Insulation Spray - Revolutionizing Green Building « Foam Insulation Spray - April 17, 2007

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2. Peter A. Maher - July 11, 2007

would like to talk to someone about the spray soybean foam insulation for a 300,000 sq ft project we are working on.

3. Cheryl Bell - November 17, 2007

I would like more information. I am a homeowner. I am building a home on a cash basis, and am interested in using spray foam insulation. I need to know if there are distributors in my area (northeast Louisiana) and what the costs generally run.

4. mike grasso - November 22, 2007

I would like information on becoming a (GREEN) spray on insulation contractor.

5. Hamid - December 11, 2007

please let me know the nearest in san diego, california area
also i would like to know to become a dealer in this part of town,

6. Hamid - December 11, 2007

Please send me a list of dealer near san diego, califonrina

7. Joaquin Bove - January 10, 2008

It is a place that I can rent the foam spray equipement in my area zip code 85022, and what is the R factor?

Please send me the information in the below e-mail address

Thank you !

8. Michael Warren - March 19, 2008

WE are looking for more information on foam insulation for our new home community. http://www.DuchessFarm.com

Please have someone contact us.

9. Tom willoughby The Erie fairchild Company - June 4, 2008

We would like to better insulate our properties (about 50)
1) attics
2) Between spaces in existing stud walls
We look for ease of application, fire resistance, high R factor
We would like to use our own crew.
Could you recommend cost effective
1) equipment we can rent/ purchase
2) Suitable foam/ application

best wishes Tom Willoughby The Erie Fairchild Company
614 638 6983 Columbus Ohio 43206

10. Leoman Jackson - July 24, 2008

I need to foam the ibside of my roof of my home. I live Houston, TX

11. Mark Knapp - July 29, 2008

Looking for an estimate for spray foam under an overhanging room as well as an unfinished basement. I reside in Boston, MA.

12. William - September 3, 2008

I live in an old lake cabin with a 2×6 T&G roof and three tap mineral roofing. That is the total extent of my ceilings insulation. I believe that with the felt paper I must have a total R value of .0003.

With all this being said, any insulation is better than none. I do not want to change the character of this sweet old house with its beautiful finished pine ceiling, but winter is coming an I think it is time for a small up grade. I was thinking of attaching 2×4’s on edge @ 24″ on center and either placing foam sheets in the cavities or spraying foam into them. Is spray foam cheaper? Can I deck over the cavities and then fill them? Can I do this or should I hire a professional to do the insulation?

Thanks for your help, William

13. Jay Morgan - September 14, 2008

I would like more info on your products, equipment, pricing. etc…
My clients are always looking for options concerning the projects we construct for them. I also am interested in incorporating the foam insulation into my personal projects.

Thanks for your time,
JBI Construction

14. Gloria ancelovici - November 3, 2008


Do you carry canned spray foam? What are the prices?

Thank you

15. Russell - November 23, 2008

Would like to know what equipment and foam I need to insulate my home. Got 3350 square feet to cover one inch thick

16. Steve Bowers - January 12, 2009

can i use spray foam to insall a cast fire to use as a open fire what are the risks of it catching fire

17. Michael - January 22, 2009 - January 23, 2009

Here’s what we have…. 53-year old home, face brick, then 1/2 cinder block, then 1-inch air space, then interior plaster. No insulation downstairs. 1/2 2nd story added in 1981 w/batt insulation, ‘R’ factors unknown. Upstairs is warm, downstairs is not. Upstairs attic is 8-inch thick batts, downstairs attic has 8-10 inch blown-in insulation. Downstairs floors are cold, crawl space is warm. North and west walls extremely cold in winter. Tired of seeing my paycheck go up the chimney. What do you recommend?

18. Cecil Ohiwerei - February 11, 2009

I want to know more about the form spray, how it works, how to use it, can it be used in place of painting a house, etc.

I also want to be your distributor in Nigeria. what are the requirement?

Please send me a comprehensive electronic brochure

19. Dan Cowherd - March 4, 2009

I need a list of dealers in my area, Indianapolis, In 46239

20. Gene Swier - March 6, 2009

Does your foam product meet one of the following IRC 2006 approved tests:
1. NFPA 286
2. FM4880
3. UL 1040
4. UL 1715

21. Sid - April 23, 2009

Is there a distributer in my area?
How much does foam cost?
I am a general contractor and a do it yourself person, and I am looking for an economical way to seal and insulate my underfloor crawlspace on my own house.

22. Craig Massey - May 18, 2010

I am intrested in learning about applying commercially in my area.
Thanks Craig Massey

23. Ronald Johnson - October 4, 2010

I’ve read that in older constructed homes oil-based spray foam insualtion used to secure PEX piping poses a risk since oil-based spray boam attacks the ingredients in PEX piping.

24. Bob - November 26, 2010

Trying to connect with sombody in Montana ThompsonFalls area.
To spray in some foam in a couple of areas in my roofing system to prevent air infiltration. and condesening air.
I would prefer to do the application myself and mybe start a side business.

25. Pamela MacIvor - March 6, 2014

Would like to spray foam in some cracks (some are large) in my attic to keep out squirrels. Will this work or do they easily eat right through it.

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